MCG | Frequently Asked Questions

What is your reservation policy?
18 hole tee times can be made up to 2 weeks in advance by phone or internet. Single players can secure a tee time if they join a twosome or threesome that’s already booked. 9 hole reservations can only be made by phone on the same day you want to play with the exception of Sligo Creek which can be made online. Tee-time cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance (emergency situations will be taken into account) and missing a tee-time without cancellation could result in you being charged for the booking.

Can I hold a corporate outing or tournament at MCG facilities?
Yes, all of our MCG courses are available for outings and tournaments. Whether it's 20 players or 144, our staff at the golf courses can help you plan an amazing golfing experience for your clients or charitable group. You can contact General Manager at the course of your choice for prices and availability.

What are the hours of operation at the MCG Courses?
Opening times vary based on the golf course, the time of the year, and the day of the week. Please call each individual course for exact opening times since they change throughout the season. All golf courses close at sunset.

Why are there frost delays?
During spring, fall, and winter we sometimes experience frost, even when the temperature is above freezing. Frost is dew that freezes on the grass blades overnight. We have to wait until this frozen grass thaws out before we can prepare the course for the day and send people out. If a player walks on frosted turf, the frozen grass blades will be crushed, causing the turf to turn black and die. A typical four-some takes hundreds of steps around and on a green, for example, so you can imagine the potential damage that could cause. We appreciate your understanding when the superintendent needs to make this call. Maintenance staff don't like frost delays any more than you do, because it prevents them from undertaking important golf course activities.

Why do golf courses aerate?
In order to provide outstanding turf and playing conditions, all golf courses must aerate. This important process involves mechanically removing small circular plugs out of the ground and typically happens in the spring and fall. The purpose is to relieve soil compaction, improve drainage, and remove thatch, all three of which allow turf to grow more vigorously and recover from traffic and environmental stresses. On the putting surfaces, the cores are removed and the holes are filled in with sand. Normally it takes about one to two weeks (depending on temperature and time of year) for the putting surfaces to return to normal and discounted rates are offered until course conditions improve.

Are there any days MCG courses are closed?
The only time we are closed, other than weather conditions, is Christmas Day. Other reasons a course might be closed are construction, renovation, aeration, dangerous playing conditions, or a private outing or tournament. Please call the course you are planning to play before heading out to get the most updated course conditions.

What are the riding cart regulations and rules at MCG facilities?
Players must be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license to rent a golf car at MCG facilities. Since some of our facilities have continuous cart paths and others do not, please check with the individual course the day of play to find out cart status and rules. Golfers are allowed to bring along a “rider” however that person will be subject to pay a cart fee due to liability issues.

Do you offer instructional programs at MCG facilities?
All MCG facilities are staffed with PGA Golf Professionals who offer a wide variety of clinics for beginners, intermediates, ladies, juniors, and families. In addition to a wide variety of clinics, private lessons are also available. To find out information on all of our clinics and free programs click on the MCG program Guide on the front page of the web site or call any of the golf shops.

What are the rates to play?
Our rates vary from course to course, season to season, and throughout the day. The most expensive rates are charged weekend and holiday mornings and the least expensive rates are charged during evening or twilight times. Please call each individual course for current rates.

Do you offer discounts for senior or junior players?
Senior and junior rates are offered Monday – Friday at all MCG facilities. To qualify for senior rates you must be 60 or older, junior rates 17 and under.

Do MCG courses offer equipment rentals?
All of our properties have an ample supply of equipment to rent at a nominal cost. In addition to several men’s right-handed sets, all courses have at least one men’s left handed, one ladies' right-handed, and several junior sets available. Keep in mind shoe rentals are not available.

Can I walk my round at all MCG properties?
Little Bennett and Hampshire Greens are the only 2 properties where the cart fee is included in all fees. Due to the course layout and long distances from one hole to another, walking is not permitted at these facilities. All other facilities offer walking as well as riding rates.

Can I rent out the clubhouse for private parties?
Many of our courses have rented out their clubhouses for small events such as birthdays, holiday parties, and baby showers. Since the main function of our clubhouses is to serve the needs of our golfers, rentals are limited to certain times of the day and year.

Do I have to join or become a member to play at MCG facilities?
No, all our properties are public daily fee courses which means you pay a fee each time you come out and anyone can play at anytime. Hampshire Greens and Little Bennett do offer a membership package and you can find out more information by calling either facility.

Does MCG have a dress code and if so, what is it?
We want all of our patrons to have fun and a relaxing experience at our facilities so we only ask that gentlemen wear a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops). Non-metal spike golf shoes or sneakers are required. No work boots or hard-soled footwear will be permitted.

Can I share a bag of clubs with my friend or do I have to have my own set?
Each player must have a bag and at least 4 clubs to play. Rental equipment is available for those who don’t own a set.

What is the youngest age you will allow an unaccompanied child to play?
Children must be at least 12 years old with prior on-course experience to play without adult supervision and must walk the course. A valid driver's license must be provided to operate a golf cart.

What are the food & beverage options at your facilities?
All 9 of our properties have full service grills serving a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and happy hour fare. We also stock an extensive selection of ice cold water, sports drinks, sodas, and beer.

Can I bring my own food and beverages to the course?
The only item that cannot be brought onto the property is alcohol. Bringing alcohol onto the property that is a licensed beverage seller is against Montgomery County Alcoholic Beverage laws. All coolers are subject to search.

What is a handicap and how do you establish one?
By establishing a handicap, golfers of different ability levels are able to compete against one another. Your handicap is more or less what your average score is over par. A really good player might shoot 75 on a par 72 course (3 over par) which would make them about a 3 handicap. A less experienced player might shoot 100 (28 over par) which would make them around a 28 handicap. All MCG facilities offer USGA handicap service through the MD State Golf Association. Feel free to contact the proshop for details.

What is your raincheck policy?
In the event of inclement weather during their round, golfers will be awarded a 100% raincheck regardless of their position on the golf course that is good for 60 days. Example: foursome is playing the 12th hole and it starts raining, they will receive a full raincheck for the amount paid.

Do your courses have any leagues that I can join?
Yes. Please contact your preferred golf course or use our “CONTACT US” feature on the website to inquire about open league play.

Do MCG courses allow 9 hole play off the back nine?
Yes, with limitations. Some courses allow early morning limited play off the back nine on weekends and generally offers 9 hole play Monday – Friday on the main courses.